Curriculum Subjects

The following subjects are taught at Nightingale and are in line with the National Curriculum. For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact the Curriculum Coordinator through the school office.
In nursery and reception classes the children follow the curriculum based on the foundation stage. The children are expected to acquire skills and knowledge to enable them to develop into self motivated learners. In delivering our curriculum, we aim to develop the whole child emotionally, socially and academically.

Careful records are kept of your child’s progress and you are kept fully informed through termly targets, parents evenings and annual reporting. All pupils develop the practice of home-school reading through taking home books on a regular basis to share and read with parents/carers in the early stages.

Core Subjects
English Mathematics
Foundation Subjects 
Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
Design & Technology
Music & Dance
Religious Education (RE)  
Physical Education (PE)
PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education)
At Nightingale we believe that outstanding literacy teaching begins with engagement.  Our writing curriculum is based around using inspirational children's literature as a basis for learning about how we can communicate in the written form.  We use 'Talk for Writing' strategies to develop speaking and listening, particularly in the Early Years and Key Stage One. 
In Nursery, Reception and Key Stage One we are following the curriculum and methodologies of the highly successful Read Write Inc programme of study in order to ensure that all children have an excellent knowledge of synthetic phonics and are able to read and write with confidence by the end of year 2.  In Key Stage 2 we are using the Destination Reader programme which has been developed in Hackney Schools and is based around giving children access to a broad and exciting range of texts as they develop the key skills of comprehension and inference. 
Oracy is further developed through termly recitals where children in all year groups are given the opportunity to learn and perform poetry in front of their classmates and parents in assembly. 
At Nightingale we follow the Maths Mastery curriculum which uses techniques from the Singapore Maths methodology.  Children are first taught to use concrete apparatus (beads, blocks etc) before moving on to using picture representations then numbers to represent more abstract concepts.  In this way children develop both deep understanding and confidence in using an applying mathematical knowledge.  Maths lessons last for one hour each day and are supplemented three times per week with a quick-fire 'Maths Meeting' which embeds basic skills and recall of number facts. 
The school acknowledges the importance of information technology skills, knowledge and understanding for work and leisure in our society. Every class has at least two networked multimedia computers and key stage 2 children have opportunities to use the Internet to support their work in class. There is continuity and progression in the teaching of IT through the school, which reflects the rapid changes in technology. The school is wireless enabled and we have two laptop suites and one iPad suite which can be moved from room to room giving all children access to a computer.
Creative Curriculum

As part of the introduction of the New Curriculum in September 2014, Nightingale Primary have revised and adapted our Creative Curriculum. It is based on a two year cycle where pupils learn different skills and gain necessary knowledge.

The creative curriculum is a cross curricula approach to teaching all elements of the curriculum but especially looking for links between history, geography, science, the Arts and ICT. The creative curriculum is taught by a thematic approach.

In Years 1 and 2 pupils learn about plants and animals and their habitats. They will learn about the history of our local area. Pupils will also discover where the Vikings came from and how they changed our country.

In Years 3 and 4 pupils will learn about changes in our environment, light and sound. They will learn about the first people and different changes that happen on Earth every day.

In Years 5 and 6 pupils will learn about Earth and Space and how life has evolved. They will also be learning about humans and plants. In History they will look at Greek and Roman culture in more detail.

Physical Education
Skills of co-ordination, co-operation and control of movement are developed through basic gymnastics, games and creative dance. Some Key Stage 2 classes have the opportunity to go swimming and participate in outdoor and adventurous activities and athletics. For health and safety reasons, we ask that children bring a change of clothes for physical education.
Music is seen as a core part of the curriculum at Nightingale.  All children have access to Singing Assembly each week where we sing together as a whole school.  Specialist teaching of music takes place during lesson time once a week and is embedded within the creative curriculum using links to Geography and History where possible.  We also encourage children to take up musical instrument tuition by offering this at a subsidised rate.  Currently tuition is available on guitar and violin.  Our thriving choir performs regularly both in school and beyond. 
Religious Education
The school follows the Hackney Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Thiscovers Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism as well as dealing with issues across the major world religions. Children learn about these religions but also learn from religion in ways that link strongly with the teaching of Personal, Social and Health Education. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons.

PSHCE (Personal, Social & Health Education) and Citizenship

See curriculum map below