Key Workers

Children of Key Workers who have not yet attended: 
If your job means that you are a Key Worker during the school closures to stop the spread of Coronavirus, you may be eligible for childcare at Nightingale.  If you have not already done so, please click the link below to register.  A member of staff will then get in touch.  Remember, the advice from the Government is that whatever your job, if you have a safe way to keep your child at home you should do so.  They should not however be left with older or more vulnerable people such as Grandparents.  
Key Worker children who are registered and already in attendance: 
Once your child is registered and you have received a call from the school to confirm the place (or your child has attended on site before during this time) you can then use the simple forms below to tell give us advanced notice of which days you will need.  This will really help with the organisation of our staffing. Currently we are booking up to the 17th of April.  
Remember - if your child can safely be looked after at home, they should be.  Please use our childcare facility strictly when necessary.  This is only for children who attend Nightingale Primary.  
For all queries about childcare, e-mail Emel on