Update sent out on 2nd June 2020

Dates for Wider Opening 



Reception children may return on the 11th of June. 

The 11th and 12th of June will be half days from 9am-1pm.  

From the 15th of June Reception will be full time 9am-3pm.  

Year 1 

Year 1 children may return on the 15th of June.  They will be full time from 9am-3pm every day.  

Year 6

Year 6 children may return on the 15th of June.  They will be full time from 9am-3pm every day.  

Year 2-5 will continue learning from home.  

Update - 3rd June

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Following on from yesterday's e-mails about dates, today's e-mail will give you information about how our classrooms will be set up when children return.  Just like the shops and businesses that you might have visited recently, our school is ready to make sure that children keep a little more distant than usual in their classrooms, whilst engaging with learning and having lots of fun.  Scroll down for some photos and explanations of how this will work.  

I will be sending an e-mail every day this week. Tomorrow's e-mail will focus on playgrounds and lunchtime.  

Best wishes, 

Mrs Hopper 


How are classrooms the same, and what is different?

The biggest change in our classrooms is that each room will now have no more than 15 children.  Luckily our school is nice and big so we have spare rooms for everyone! We have kept our classrooms fun and bright, refreshing the displays and making sure they look really welcoming.  All soft furnishings have been removed as we need to make sure that everything in the classroom is wipe-clean.  We don't have carpet spaces at the moment as this would mean children sitting close together.  Every classroom in Nursery-Year 1 has a sink which is set up as a hand-washing station as well as a wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser.  

Social Distancing in the Classroom

With the new classroom set-up, children will sit at individual desks.  They will have a tray with all their equipment in a nice new pencil case.  Every child's tray has some lovely extras which are appropriate for their age, for example a playdough pot for Reception and maths resources for Year 1.  By not sharing resources, we are helping to prevent the spread of germs.  

What about Nursery?

Our Nursery children don't usually sit at tables for very long, so we have individual mats for them to sit on instead.  They have individual resources for when they are doing crafts and drawing but lots of toys too.  To make sure that we keep the toys clean, they are all sanitised daily by soaking them in special child-safe cleaning fluid (the same as is used for baby's bottles) at the end of every day.