Autumn Term 2015

Teacher: Miss Douglas

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Helen Young

Teaching assistant: Miss Caron Jacobs


In Maths the children will learn about pattern and shape, same and different, number, measure, shape and calendar. Learning in the 7 areas Personal, Social, Emotional Development, Communication & Language, Physical, Development, Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding the World, Expressive Art & Design will be through the following topic areas.

Welcome to School

Theamatic Concepts

  •           School is a fun place for me to learn and to meet friends
  •           My classroom is near other important places in my school
  •           Everything has a name and a place in our room
  •           We are classmates who share
  •           We are capable reception children

I Am Amazing! I Feel Fine!

Thematic Concepts

  •           People have similarities but no-one looks exactly like me.
  •           Everyone is special.  People are good at different things
  •           Our names are unique.
  •           I am special because of the things I enjoy doing.
  •           I am becoming more independent as I grow.
  •           Everybody has feelings.
  •           Sometimes we can look at a person and know how they feel.
  •           Our feelings change.
  •           We respect everyone’s feelings.
  •           Feelings words help others know how we feel.

Season of Plenty

Thematic Concepts

  •          There are four seasons in the year.
  •          They are winter, spring, summer and autumn.
  •          The weather changes in autumn.
  •          Plants change in the autumn.
  •          Animals make changes in the autumn.
  •          People make changes in the autumn.
  •          Food comes from a variety of sources before it gets to shops.
  •          Some eggs come from chickens and ducks.
  •          Bread comes from grains.
  •          Fruit grows on bushes, vines and trees.
  •          Vegetables come from plants.
  •          Different vegetables are harvested at different times of the year.

Those Nearest and Dearest

Theamatic Concepts

  •          Friends are people who like to play with one another
  •          Friends don’t always agree, but they still care for one another
  •          Friends help one another and work together
  •          Friends care and share
  •          We are a classroom of friends
  •          People who live with us are usually called our family members
  •          A child is a special member of a family
  •          Family members care for, share with, and help one another
  •          Families change
  •          There are many kinds of families

Head to Toe

Thematic Concepts

  • My body is marvellous. My brain controls my body.
  • My body moves in many ways.
  • My stomach is inside my body.  It digests my food.
  • My lungs are inside my chest. I breathe air into and out of my lungs.
  • My heart is inside my chest.  It moves blood to all the parts of my body.
  • I have five senses that can help me learn about my world:
  1.   My eyes can see.
  2.   My nose can smell.
  3.   My tongue can taste.
  4.   My skin can feel.

What’s on the Menu?

Thematic Concepts

  •          Bodies need food for energy and good health
  •          Breads and cereals are needed for nutrition
  •          Fruits and vegetables are needed for nutrition
  •          Dairy and protein are needed for nutrition
  •          Bodies need limited amounts of fat to stay healthy
  •          Food is sold at shops and markets
  •          Foods are sorted by categories at the shops
  •          Shops are in every country in the world
  •          There are many types of markets and shops
  •          There are many jobs to do in a shop

Please note PE will be on Wednesdays in the spring term. Children will be expected to bring their PE Kit on this day.