Autumn 2 - Week 1

Writing - The Naughty Bus
This week on Monday, Year 1 came into their classroom to a big shock. The Naughty Bus had zoomed through our classroom and made a HUGE mess!! He knocked over the chairs, all the boxes on our tables, the rubbish bins were everywhere and he left all the lids off the pens.
We collected some evidence to show Mrs Hopper what the Naughty Bus had done to our classroom and she was just as shocked as we were. We told her that he had knocked everything over, and that he had left lids off pens as well as scrunched up lots of paper because he was driving so fast.
After we had gathered evidence, we needed to clean up the room. We picked everything up as a class and made our classroom clean and tidy again. 
This week we have written about the evidence needed to give to Mrs Hopper to find out where the Naughty Bus could be. The children have loved this introduction to our new book and they cannot wait for us to read it and write more about it. 
This week in Mathematics we have been working on shapes. We have been looking ad 2D and 3D shapes and are now moving on to talk about the position of objects. Take a look at the photos below to see Year 1 sorting objects under headings. They did great!
Our musical - Toys
We have been given the task of preparing for a musical ready for a performance in December.
Year 1 are busy practicing for their musical by learning songs and also their lines for the acting section of the musical. The song Toys Toys Toys is really coming along, and we will be showing the rest of the school our hard work at this Wednesday's Singing Assembly with the rest of the school.
Next week I will post a song on the blog with the tune and the words so that you can practice at home with your child if they would like to. 
All children should have a copy of the script, so that they can practice their lines at home with you. It has been great to see children coming to school and already knowing their lines or their solo for the song! I was very impressed.
I cannot wait for the musical to come together so that you can all see the hard work that your children have put in.  
High Frequency Word Practice 
See below links to the high frequency words that your child can practice. They need to know these words before the beginning of Year 2 - any help you give them at home to learn these would be a bonus.