Year 3

Spring Term 2016

Teacher(s) : Miss Eliza Horn

Teaching Assistant: Ms Dion Saunders



Children will have an opportunity this term to write in a range of genres.  We will be using a range of stimulus in our writing to enthuse the children.  We will be continuing to build on creating imaginative sentences that are correctly punctuated and extended to give more detail.  Our word bank of adjectives will be developed further to make our writing come alive and to create mind movies.  We will be exploring poetry and students will learn to use a range of poetic devices.  The class will also be exploring non-chronological reports and will work towards writing their own at the end of spring term.



The children take part in reading sessions five times a week where they read a book appropriate for their level. Time is spent during the guided reading session to explore text by answering comprehension questions based on the text they are reading.  



In maths, we will continue to focus on column methods for addition and subtraction using three digit numbers.  We will be building our knowledge in written methods for multiplication and division.  Others areas covered this term will be fractions, time, shape, capacity and data handling.  We will continue to apply the skills we have learnt to answer test style questions to prepare us for our assessments.




This term the children will be learning about plants.   We will be concentrating on developing the children’s scientific skills of observation and investigation.  Children will have the opportunity to explore how the plants have changed in relation to the season, the different environments plants live in, the difference between a flowering plant and non-flowering plant.  We will also be learning about living things and their habitats.  Children will be identifying how most living things live in habitats that they are most suited to and describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of the animals.   We will be using our scientific knowledge to explore and test predictions made.  



In computing, the children are continuing to work through the new curriculum whilst growing in confidence using laptops as well as iPads.  The children will continue to develop their algorithm skills whilst applying this to different software. 


In P.E, the children we will be participating in swimming lessons at Hackney Baths. They will be developing a variety of swimming techniques and learning about water safety. 

Please note that P.E. lessons are on Thursday.

Children are expected to have a P.E. kit comprising a separate change of appropriate clothing: t- shirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, trainers/plimsolls. Children without this kit will not be allowed to participate for health and safety reasons and will complete theoretical work associated with P.E. If there is a valid reason why your child cannot take part, please ensure your child brings a letter to school.

Our swimming lesson is from 2:30-3:00pm on Thursday afternoon. This will continue for the entire term. We appreciate your patience on these afternoons as it is very difficult for us to get back to the school by 3:30. Please make sure your child has the appropriate swimming kit ready

Homework will be given out on a Monday and is expected to be returned on Friday.  Homework will consist of:

  •           A piece of Maths work related to the work in class from that week.
  •           10 spelling words following a particular spelling rule which will be tested on the Friday.
  •           A piece of punctuation and a piece of grammar related to the work in class from that week.
  •           Read and Respond must also be completed every night (Monday – Thursday)

Dates for your Diary

Science week will be the 8th - 12thFebruary

We break up for half term on Friday 12th February and re-open Monday 22nd February.