Year 6

Spring Term 2015

Teacher(s) : Mr Adam Steele

Teaching Assistant: Ms Annaleigh Knott


In English, Year 6 will study a range of writing genres including narratives, reports, persuasive writing and recounts.  There will be a strong focus on spelling, vocabulary and grammar as we prepare for SATs.  

In Maths, the children will be extending their understanding of place value, percentage, decimals and fractions and developing their problem solving skills. There will be a strong emphasis on arithmetic as well.

In Science, our topic will be “Evolution and Inheritance”. The children will learn about plant, animal and human adaption over time and offspring.  They will also learn about important figures in this field including Mary Anning and Charles Darwin.

In Art, we will link to our History topic of World War II create propaganda posters and learn different techniques used when creating a water colour.

In History, we will be learning about WWII and in particular focussing on Britain’s role in the war.

 In ICT, the children will be developing their knowledge of the new Computing curriculum, with a focus on Algortihms, using Microsoft Publisher and Scratch.In P.S.H.E  we will look at the topic ‘Looking after myself: what’s best for me?’ the children will explore how to keep safe and make good choices including when they are online. We will use MindUP strategies on a daily basis to teach the children about their brains to improve focus and concentration in class.

 In P.E., we will be covering Dance.

Please note that P.E. lessons are on Friday.

Children are expected to have a P.E. kit comprising a separate change of appropriate clothing: t- shirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, trainers/plimsolls. Children without this kit will not be allowed to participate for health and safety reasons and will complete theoretical work associated with P.E. If there is a valid reason why your child cannot take part, please ensure your child brings a letter to school.

Homework will be given out on a Monday and is expected to be returned on Friday.  Homework will consist of:

  •           A piece of Maths work related to the work in class from that week.
  •           10 spelling words following a particular spelling rule which will be tested on the Friday.
  •           A piece of punctuation and a piece of grammar related to the work in class from that week.
  •           A handwriting exercise.
  •           Read and Respond must also be completed every night (Monday – Thursday)