Attendance – every day matters

Children are expected to attend school regularly and punctually.  When a child is absent, the school must be notified by telephone (0208 985 4259).  If the absence is likely to be prolonged you must telephone the school, as the Schools Attendance Officer (Emel Ibrahim) is required to investigate all unexplained or recurring absences.  Our attendance rates have improved enormously this year, and we are now above the national average.  Please support us in maintaining this good record.

Holidays during school time detract from a child’s education, and children should only be taken out of school in exceptional circumstances.  The school has the discretion to allow up to five days of additional absence in an academic year this, however, is intended to cater for exceptional circumstances.  If children are taken away for longer than this they risk losing their school place.

Absence requests

All requests for absence/holidays during term time need to be completed on an absence or holiday request form and handed in to the attendance officer. This includes requests for single and half days. This gives us time to sort out any problems that may arise. A letter will be given to the parent/carer stating that the school is giving permission for the holiday/absence (an “authorised absence”), or explaining why the request is not being authorised.

Absences are authorised when children are away from school through illness or family circumstances, parents/carers have informed the school and the school has agreed to this absence.  Absences for other reasons must receive the Headteacher’s permission otherwise they will be recorded as unauthorised.  All requests for absence and school responses are kept in our attendance monitoring file.  If a request is not received in time, it may result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised in the register.

Current law requires the school to make a note of any unauthorised absences and punctuation rates on pupil reports.  Attendance rates are published and the information forms part of the school league tables.  We send home printouts of children’s attendance levels each half-term.

If any parent/carer would like to discuss issues relating to attendance, please contact Emel Ibrahim, Attendance Officer.