School Council

All children have the right to make a positive contribution to how their teaching and learning takes place and to feel that their voice is heard in the school through a clear and representative process of democracy.
The School Council consists of one boy and one girl from each class from Years 1-6.  The main aim of the School Council is to give the children within our school community a ‘voice’.  The School Council have a forum where they are able to discuss issues that are important to themselves and the other children within the school.

The School Council have many roles in the school.  They represent the views of the children in their classes and meet regularly with the Senior Staff to discuss issues that they are concerned about.  The school council have been very involved, along with other pupils, in the decisions made about the new school that will be built at Tiger Way.  They helped to design and draw a mural which will be on display in the atrium of the new school with the architects and they have worked with the landscape designer on the layout of the playground spaces and helped to decide on the play equipment for the new school.