At Nightingale we have partnered with Junior Jam to deliver an engaging computing curriculum delivered through weekly lessons taught by specialist teachers.  Encompassing all aspects of using technology effectively, children learn to code, animate, design and collaborate all using technology.  Specialist topics such as digital photography and stop-motion animation bring their work to life.  Many lessons involve practical problem solving, for example coding the programme to guide a ball through a maze as you can see in the pictures below.  
In addition to their weekly computing lessons, pupils in Key Stage Two all children work frequently on Google Classroom and our teachers use the platform to engage children with further study at home.  Any child that does not have a device to work on at home is provided with a Chromebook.  You can see an example video below of how one child was inspired by his computing lessons to make his own video at home.  
You can download a copy of our Computing Curriculum Map below.
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