In the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) music is taught through frequent opportunities to sing and to engage with listening to different musical styles.  In Years 1-6 music is taught by a specialist tutor through a weekly lesson in partnership with Junior Jam.  In these lessons children learn to play tuned and untuned instruments (including boom whackers, keyboards and African drums).  They also learn music theory (including notation) and practical elements such as songwriting and performance.  
All children at Nightingale sing regularly.  In Key Stage One children attend a weekly singing assembly and all year groups from Years 1-6 perform two musicals every year which are based on their learning.  This extensive programme for the performing arts builds children's confidence to perform in front of an audience.  
The school also offers extra-curricular instrumental lessons on guitar, violin, trumpet and drums.  Children are also encouraged to join our two after-school music clubs, 'Rock Band' and 'Nightingale Allstars'.