PE and Sport

Physical Education

Children have many opportunities to be active at Nightingale and make participation in sports a habit that they will carry with them for life.  The design of our play areas promotes physical activity.  A running track is integrated into the Key Stage One playground and our multi-use games area is used extensively at playtimes, during PE lessons and for clubs after school. In Years 1-6 Sports Coaches are available on the playground every lunchtime to encourage the development of children's sporting skills, including team matches in volleyball, dodge ball and basketball organised every day.  

Nightingale’s bespoke PE curriculum focuses first on the development of key skills such as core strength and ball control before moving to coaching for specific sports which include basketball, netball, tennis, football and gymnastics.  All PE lessons from Nursery onwards are taught by professional coaches. Children undertake a term of swimming lessons in years 3,4 and 5, ensuring that they are competent swimmers.  Our on-site roped climbing wall gives the children the opportunity to participate in this adventurous sport and develop courage, persistence and strength.   

We are also committed to ensuring that children have the opportunity to learn to ride a bike and make this a part of their healthy lifestyle.  In KS1 we have a cycle club where children can learn to ride a bike and in KS2 we participate in Hackney's Cycle Confident programme.  We have enough bike parking for every child at the school and encourage pupils to ride or scoot to school if they can.  A huge number of them do just that!