Welcome to Year 1!
Autumn Term
We spent the first half of the Autumn term learning about our local area. We made maps of our school and went on a local trip to explore the different human and physical features in our local area.
For the second half of the Autumn term, we learnt about the weather and investigated our key question: Where is Colder than Hackney? 
Spring Term

In the Spring term Year 1 spent a term learning about significant explorers travelling to places no one has been before. They focussed on Neil Armstrong and Scott of the Antarctic.

Firstly, they learnt about what makes a person significant and what an explorer is. Then, they learnt about the key events in Neil Armstrong and Scott of the Antarctic's life. After that, they sequenced events from Scott and Neil Armstrong's life. Finally, they used historical sources to ask and answer questions about these key significant people.

Have a look at some of Year 1's amazing work! 

Summer Term

This term, year 1 are learning about toys from the past. This is a historical topic all about toys in the past. The driver is history and working on the children’s understanding of chronology.

Children will be learning:

To describe memories of different parts of their life

To understand changes within living memory

To use sources to find out about the past

To look at similarities and difference in ways of life in different periods

To understand how the materials from which toys are made have changed over time

To compare aspects of life in different periods