Welcome to  the Year 2 web page! 
Here you will find out some information about what we have been learning. 
The learning is broken down into terms. 
Summer Term 
In Summer 1 we are completing a 6 week geography unit about the differences between The United Kingdom and the country of Jamaica. 
In Summer 2 we are completing a 6 week history unit going back to 1900 looking at how Hackney has changed. Featuring Edith Cavell and the Windrush generation.
15-05-2023 Today Year 2 interviewed Miss Kate from Scotland.
The children asked questions about the food, the culture and why the men wear skirts. All of these questions were answered and the children in Year 2 have a much better idea about the culture of Scotland.
Thank you Miss Kate for coming to answer our questions! 
17-05-2023 This week, Year 2 were lucky enough to go to the Hackney Museum to take part in a session about different people that came to Hackney many years ago. We learned that people came to the United Kingdom when there were wars in their country and we also learned about people who came after the war to help with jobs that were available. We got to see letters that they wrote their families, the flags from their country and items that they may have had with them.
We had a great time and can't wait to visit again. 
Spring Term
This term we are completing a 12-week History unit about The Great Fire of London
We are learning to use historical vocabulary to retell simple stories about the past. 
Check out some of the children from Year 2 retelling the story of the Great Fire of London 
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We are learning to make food from the 17th Century 
Year 2 took a trip to the Hackney School of food and made scones, just like they would have done in 1666 around the time of the Great Fire of London. 
 Autumn Term 
This term we are completing a 12-week Geography unit about forests and habitats
Movers, Shakers and Community Makers - Trip to Hackney Museum 18-10-22
This display explores how African heritage individuals have shaped Hackney to be the borough it is today.

Using objects, photographs, and personal experiences from Hackney Museum’s collection, this display shares the stories of people who have influenced local life through their actions.

Seasonal Changes in Epping Forest
On the 22nd of September 2022 Year 2 went to Epping Forest. 
We went on the train to Chingford and after a short walk we were at our destination. 
We went into the forest and looked for 'natural treasures' on the forest floor. 
We collected loads of resources and then mapped the seasons by creating an Autumn Pie. 
We had the best time and can't wait to go back to the forest again!