Welcome to the class page for Year 3


Here you will find out some information about what we have been learning.

Summer Term
In Summer term our topic is called From 'Hackney to Egypt'. This is a topic focussing on why civilisation could emerge in Ancient Egypt. They will become archaeologists and engage with a range of artefacts to find out about the Ancient Egyptians.
We had a great time visiting the British Museum. We explored the ancient artefacts and found out more about daily life in Ancient Egypt.
LI: To recognise roles and importance of individuals from the past
We looked at artefacts from Ancient Egypt. We used them to make inferences and ask questions
Spring Term
In Spring term our Topic is called 'Hackney Rocks'. This is a unit where we will look at the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. 
LI: To use artefacts to find out about the past
We went to Hackney Museum to look at artefacts that were found in Hackney from the Paleolithic period in the Stone Age
LI: To make food cooked during the Stone Age
We made a vegetable stew and some seeded rolls using similar ingredients to ones they would have gathered or farmed during the Stone Age
We visited King Henry's Garden Walk to investigate and find out more about rocks
Autumn Term


In the Autumn term, our Creative Curriculum Topic is 'La la la la la America' This is a 6-week unit where we will compare Hackney to North America with a focus on Mexico.


See the pictures below for some of our practical activities.



LI: To make Jewish latkes
We learnt about Hannukkah and some of the special foods that are made
LI: To make a dish from another country

We made and ate Mexican quesadillas with salsa and guacamole
LI: To taste food from around Hackney
We tasted foods from different cultures that we have in Hackney. We had lots of fun trying new foods and finding out the different foods the children in our class eat at home! Thank you to all the parents who provided food for us to try.
LI: To know about the culture in my local area
We walked around our local area to see the different types of restaurants that Hackney has to offer.
We have mapped the places we saw on our local walk using an OS map