Spring Term
This half term we are learning all about: Who Founded Hackney?
We are studying the Romans Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and their links to the local area. We will be learning about why these groups invaded Britain. We will focus on the Anglo-Saxons, how they were ruled and how they lived, their religion and much more.
We will be going on two exciting trips related to the Saxons: Epping Forest to an Iron Age Fort and West Stowe to an Anglo-Saxon Village.
We will be rounding off the term with our fantastic performance of the musical Beowulf.
Making Viking stew at the Hackney School of Food.
Autumn Term
In Autumn 1 we have been learning about Democracy and the Suffragettes and how their campaigning helped win women the right to vote.
We have visited the Houses of Parliament and Hackney Town Hall and also Had a visit from local councilor Binnie Lubbock as part of this topic, as well as doing lots of fantastic learning in class and at home.