Welcome to Year 6!!!

Autumn Term

In Autumn 1 we will be learning about the Second World War and it's impact on London and Hackney in our Foundation topic: Is it ever right to fight? We'll also be going on a trip to the RAF museum this half term as part of this topic.
In Science we are learning about electricity, how it impacts on our lives and also how important it was in the Second World War.
Our DR book this half term is Carrie's War which will give us an insight into the experiences of children during WW2.
In English we'll be learning and writing about the Holocaust.
In Autumn 2 we'll continue our foundation learning about WW2. 
In Science this half term we'll be learning all about electricity, making circuits and considering how this will have helped and impacted efforts in WW2.
Our DR book is the magical Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In English we will be learning and writing about the Windrush Generation and the positive impacts of immigration on the country.
Spring Term
In Spring 1, year 6 will be learning all about Evolution and inheritance in Foundation. They will relive the journey made by Charles Darwin to the Galapagos where he studied adaptation and variation. Our Science learning will be on a similar theme as we focus on classification of living things.
In DR we'll be reading about the activism of Greta Thunberg and her campaign for climate action. In English we'll read the tale of the Selfish Giant and do lots of writing around setting description and narratives.
In Spring 2 we'll continue our foundation learning about Evolution and Inheritance and move onto focusing on the same topic in science. The year 6s will produce poetry all about the sea and our writing lessons will be based on the book Island - A Story of the Galapagos. 
Summer Term
This half-term we have been spending a  lot of time preparing for the upcoming SATs tests and the children have been working really hard.
In Science we have been learning about the cardio-vascular system: finding out about the heart and blood and how these things work.
In English we have been learning about the life and work of diver and film maker Jacques Costeau and writing about his experiences beneath the waves.