Year R

Welcome to Reception Class.. 
: AUTUMN 1: 
        This is my life        
             Me and my family             
This is our house 
                  Peace at last                     
            So much                  
We are learning about our families past and present, The different names we call our family members. We are learning about our heritage and where our ancestors, relatives and family come from even though we are all living in England. We will locate the different continents on the map and learn a song to remember them. 
Autumn 2 Theme
Tales and Wonder
Mad about minibeasts
Three Little Pigs 
The Nativity/Twinkle Twinkle
We are learning about tales and where they come from. How storytelling has travelled from generation to generation. How important storytelling for building literacy. 
We are learning how different people celebrate Christmas and other celebrations that people celebrate during the winter seasons such as Diwali, All souls day, Hanukkah and  Kwanza 
Here is a great book to read to talk about families