Autumn 1 theme 
        This is my life        
Mini theme
             Me and my family             
This is our house 
                     Peace at last                     
                 So much                  
We are learning about our families past and present, The different names we call our family members. We are learning about our heritage and where our ancestors, relatives and family come from even though we are all living in England. We will locate the different continents on the map and learn a song to remember them. 
Autumn 2 Theme
Tales and Wonder
Mini Theme
Mad about minibeasts
Three Little Pigs 
The Nativity/Twinkle Twinkle
We are learning about tales and where they come from. How storytelling has travelled from generation to generation. How important storytelling for building literacy. 
We are learning how different people celebrate Christmas and other celebrations that people celebrate during the winter seasons such as Diwali, All souls day, Hanukkah and  Kwanza 
Spring 1 Theme
Adventuous Journeys
Mini Theme
Where I live
Poetry: Into the Pond
Let's creep through crocodile creek
All aboard Bobo road
This is London
 We talked about where we live and the different between turtles and tortoise. We talked about where people like to go on holiday and why they prefer certain places according to their personality.
We talked about Chinese new years. We learnt that Chinese new year is the year of the rabbit. 
We talked about where we live and how we need to selves safe. We looked the NSPCC pants are private and designed our own pants. Privates are private, Always remember your body belongs to you, No means no, Talk about secrets that upset you, Speak up, someone can help. 
 We learnt about lent and fasting. We talked about how different religion fast for different reasons such as  for health and prayer. We talked about Lent and it is a time of reflection and not only does some people gives things up but they take things up that will better themselves such as reading more or helping others. We learnt where we live and the city that we live in. we learnt the reason why a place is a city and we compared the city to different places learning words like country, town and village. We looked about the continent of Africa and a specific area in comparison to London
Spring 2 Theme
Great Explorers
Mini Theme
Poetry: The Farmyard by AA Attwood
The pirates are coming
Summer 1
Natures Wonderers
Mini Theme
Poetry: Behold by Grace Nichols
Dinosaurs Day out 
This is my Life
Me and my Family
Autumn - Summer
Celebrations through the year
Adventurous Explorers
Learning about London
Great Explorers
Explorer Matthew Henson